Freebie: Autumn Kawaii Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)

We have yet another freebie for you guys courtesy of our friends over at Freepik. It’s an amazing icon set that would be perfect for anyone that’s working on an Autumn-themed design project.

In total there are 50 icons in the set and are available in both SVG and PNG formats. They’re all editable, scabale, and come in a choice of flat, line or colored line styles. The set includes icons that cover all areas of Autumn and the Fall. And as always, you’re free to use these files in both personal and commercial projects.Freebie: Autumn Kawaii Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)Continue reading

Limited Resources are an Issue? It Won’t Be when You Use Pre-built Websites Sponsored

You’ve been there before. Too many times perhaps. You’ve got a looming deadline or you’re running low on budget. You have to work extra hard to finish a project before time or money runs out.

You’ll succeed of course. You always manage to, but it’s not fun. You usually end up knowing that with a little more time or money you could have done a much better job. Your client may be satisfied with the outcome, but then again that might not always be the case.Limited Resources are an Issue? It Won’t Be when You Use Pre-built Websites SponsoredContinue reading

Rediscover History with the Web Design Museum

The earliest era of the web brought with it a lot of experimentation. It was a new medium and designers looked for ways to best utilize their skills.

But standards were scant and proprietary browser code was rampant. The result was often a website that looked fine for some users, while being virtually unusable for others. Still, the burgeoning web design community wasn’t afraid to take chances. With that, some real gems came out of this time period.Rediscover History with the Web Design MuseumContinue reading

Crypto-Inspired Mobile & Web UI Design Concepts

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest mysteries of our times. Is it a real thing? Is it a fraud? No one can tell for sure. People are split into two camps. Some are convinced in a future with decentralized control and an alternative medium of exchange that is secured by blockchain; others are strong believers that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention (widely known as Bitcoin), along with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc. is just hype dished up in a different wrapper.

However, we are not here to dig for the truth. We are here to explore crypto-inspired concepts that boast of having truly exceptional designs. We have divided our collection into two parts: One uncovers impressive examples of website design; while the other reveals fantastic mobile app design.Crypto-Inspired Mobile & Web UI Design ConceptsContinue reading

Supercharge the WordPress Gutenberg Editor with Custom Blocks

In a default installation, the WordPress Gutenberg editor contains a number of useful blocks. All of your basic text and image formatting, along with multicolumn layouts are included. But that’s only the start of what this new content creation tool can do.

One of the most powerful features of Gutenberg is the ability for developers to create their own block types. This allows for a wide range of functionality to be added to a website. It could be something universal or incredibly niche. The result is that we can really customize the editor to match our needs.Supercharge the WordPress Gutenberg Editor with Custom BlocksContinue reading

Best Three Prototyping Tools You Should Be Using By Now Sponsored

App and website designers, developers, and project managers always need to be on the same page. Prototyping tools often serve as the most effective means of communication. As for prototyping itself, it’s a key step toward successful web or mobile app development.

Team members and project managers need to know how the design phase is proceeding. Clients need to understand how a proposed website or app is expected to perform. Documentation is generally not well suited for providing this information. Besides, verbal presentations are not much better.Best Three Prototyping Tools You Should Be Using By Now SponsoredContinue reading

How to Use Slides to Create Impressive Landing Page Designs Sponsored

Suppose a client wants you to create a website for his business. He needs to have one up and running quickly, and he naturally expects to be fully satisfied with the results.

Creating something quickly without compromising on quality can be a challenge. Creating a CSS & HTML website from scratch can often yield exceptional results. But that approach would take some time.How to Use Slides to Create Impressive Landing Page Designs SponsoredContinue reading

12 Playful Ways to Learn How to Code

Love for studying, like wisdom, comes with age. Ironically, the majority of us miss a precious opportunity to learn something new at the most favorable time. The younger we are, the easier we acquire new skills. Children have more neurons than adults, so they create connections more effectively.

If you are familiar with Montessori’s theories and system of education or Masaru Ibuka’s “Kindergarten is Too Late”, then you know about and probably follow their teachings. However, this is not the case for the majority people out there. To make matters worse, we, as children, do not have a proper motivation to seize this opportunity. Just recall to yourself: School was all about socializing, growing up as a personality, doing incredible stuff with your BFF – but not certainly burying your nose in books and sharpening your skills all day long. So, as a rule, the window of opportunity is already closed. However, the good news is that it is left ajar. Though it won’t be flung open again, still it will be enough to squeeze in and reach your goals.12 Playful Ways to Learn How to CodeContinue reading

5 Tips for a More Secure WordPress Website

Web security has grown into one of the most important issues we face – right up there with design and development. And those of us who use an open source content management system such as WordPress are under even more pressure to tighten up security. The unfortunate fact is that, as time goes on, the task is only going to become more difficult.

WordPress itself is the target of an array of automated attacks. Bots are attempting brute-force logins, script and database injections, along with a multitude of other malicious activities. But, while preventing bot attacks is vital, they’re far from the only threat that needs dealt with.5 Tips for a More Secure WordPress WebsiteContinue reading