Going Up: Vertical Lettering in Web Design

It’s easy to become bored with the ordinary – longing for something original and one-of-a-kind. That’s why common hero areas are bursting with eccentric ideas. They are aimed to not just impress, but also satisfy a user’s craving for creativity and originality.

However, animations and grandiose solutions are not the only things that can do the trick. Going off the beaten path with even the most trivial things can achieve the same effect. And vertical lettering is vivid proof of that. Becoming quite popular these days, it has grown into a tiny trend with some aces in the hole.Going Up: Vertical Lettering in Web DesignContinue reading

How to Scale Your Web Design Business

Although web design services are always in-demand nowadays, growing a web development business isn’t always easy. Sure, there are now a plethora of tools you can use to make certain web development tasks less stressful – from content management systems to landing page builders. But as these platforms get more and more accessible, the competition continues to get tougher and tougher.

At this point, consistently producing quality work is no longer enough to get ahead. What you really need is to acquire the absolute best software and strategies that will enable you to deliver the maximum value that your customers deserve.How to Scale Your Web Design BusinessContinue reading

The Grumpy Designer’s Guide to April Fool’s Day

It seems like each and every year we celebrate what I like to call “fringe” holidays more feverishly than the last. Just to be clear, my definition of a fringe holiday is one where I don’t get the day off. In my opinion, people get irrationally excited over them (despite the fact that they, too, don’t get the day off).

Halloween is one of the biggest culprits. The costumes and candy are fine for kids, but adults? Well, I’ll save that point for October. Today, I’d like to take on another of these overhyped events: April Fool’s Day. Specifically, how it’s celebrated on the web, where it fits into our modern cultural landscape and (most importantly) how to profit from it.The Grumpy Designer’s Guide to April Fool’s DayContinue reading

12 Stunning Abstract Business Card Designs

While some may think that business cards will become obsolete in a “paperless” world, the fact remains that every brand identity cannot do without them. It is an integral part of every presentation toolkit. And let’s be honest. Despite all of those brand-new nifty things, we still adore some traditional paper-based instruments. Smart, crafty business cards are one of them. There is something special in them. Something that forces us to save them, put them in our wallet or card holder.

Business cards are one of those instruments that skillfully ignore the limitations imposed by their relatively small size. Despite occupying only 7 square inches, they can contain not only vital contact information, but also lavish and intricate design. From primitive minimalistic ideas to bright skeuomorphic ones, you can stumble upon just about anything.12 Stunning Abstract Business Card DesignsContinue reading

Finding the Right UX/UI Tools & Resources Just Got Easier: Here Are the Top 4 to Choose From Sponsored

Buggy software can certainly drive users away. But usability issues can as well, and are much more common. Potential usability issues can be detected and avoided during initial prototyping. This is a core aspect of UX design. Potential UI issues are typically addressed during the latter stages of design.

Taking an iterative approach to software design can at times be a more expensive route to take. But more often than not it will save you money in the long term. It will also produce a successful product that makes more money in the near term.Finding the Right UX/UI Tools & Resources Just Got Easier: Here Are the Top 4 to Choose From SponsoredContinue reading

Start Fast with These Demo Content Generators

Demo content is probably one of the least talked about items in a designer’s toolbox. Yet, it’s also very useful. While we often see it as a means to populate a mockup or show what a CMS theme is capable of, there are other good uses.

For instance, it can serve as a placeholder during site development – you know, while you wait for the “real” stuff to arrive. This helps you continue to move forward on a project that could otherwise be stalled.Start Fast with These Demo Content GeneratorsContinue reading

Using Shaders to Create Realistic Special Effects in Web Design

WebGL has become the subject of experimentation and testing the limits of what is possible on the web. Almost each day we stumble upon grandiose solutions powered by it. As proof, we have already examined a number of real projects.

Today we are going to explore some concepts that show the benefits of using shaders. We are going to focus on GLSL.Using Shaders to Create Realistic Special Effects in Web DesignContinue reading

How to Keep Clients for Years to Come

For many web designers, finishing off a brand-new website for a client doesn’t mean the end of that relationship. Potentially, you may continue to work together in some capacity for years to come. Things like maintenance, repairs and maybe even a lucrative redesign could all be in the cards.

But in order to get to that point, you need to build and maintain a solid relationship. Even if there are no guarantees, it’s still the best way to ensure that a client will come back to you, year after year.How to Keep Clients for Years to ComeContinue reading