I Admit It: Gutenberg Excites Me

Those of us who work with WordPress on a daily basis have been keeping close tabs on Gutenberg, the completely revamped editor scheduled to be released with version 5.0 of the world’s most popular CMS. It looks like it will be a monumental change to the way we create and edit our web content.

And, that of course has led to a ton of concern about existing sites breaking – either due to an unsupported plugin or some other code gremlin that feasts on our hard work.I Admit It: Gutenberg Excites MeContinue reading

Using Color Psychology for Better Website Results

Perception is everything. Part of that is influenced by behavior, plus our emotion. Significant studies have shown that color effects not just what we see. It is how we feel about it and that influences our behavior. Sure, what we write and how that is presented is important. We do not, however, want to forget the design elements. Non-verbal cues are just as important to any message we are trying to convey.

That being the case let’s take a look at the design and the importance of color in its creation. When you begin building a site it is tempting to use colors that are pleasing to ourselves. We want it to look good based on our own perceptions. Unfortunately, that does not always translate into customer attraction. That, in the end, is what we want, right?Using Color Psychology for Better Website ResultsContinue reading

Check out the Best Multipurpose WordPress themes of 2018

Specialty WordPress themes serve a legitimate purpose, but you will usually do far better in most instances by investing in a premium multipurpose theme like any of those described in this post.

One could argue that while a multipurpose theme is a good choice for many web design projects, it could prove to be less than adequate for some (the “Jack of all Trades” argument). The truth is, the themes presented here can handle virtually anything you throw at them. They are highly customizable, extremely flexible, and easy to work with.Check out the Best Multipurpose WordPress themes of 2018Continue reading

Top WordPress Directory Themes vs Plugins: Weighing the Pros and Cons

It used to be that if you wanted to create a web directory you had to invest a lot of time and money into a custom designed website built from the ground up. Not to mention the cost to maintain and upgrade your website as your directory grew.

And if you had no prior experience in web development, chances are you had to employ a web developer to help you with all of this, only adding to the cost of building a web directory website.Top WordPress Directory Themes vs Plugins: Weighing the Pros and ConsContinue reading

Understanding the Basics of User Experience

User experience is a phrase which has been in the limelight for more than ten years and it is predicted to become the major brand differentiator in the next few years, overtaking product and price. I bet you have heard about this term or you might even have it in your portfolio. There is also a likelihood that like most people, you have heard about it but are not sure what it actually means.

The person who came up with the term, Don Norman, said that User Experience Design (also known as UX Design) is everything, from the way an individual experiences their world, their life and a service – it is basically a system that incorporates everything.Understanding the Basics of User ExperienceContinue reading

Managing the Craziness of a Web Designer’s Schedule

The ability to successfully manage multiple projects is part of being a freelance web designer. And, while outsiders may think it’s a simple skill, it turns out to be incredibly difficult. It seems that no matter how organized you are a carefully-planned schedule can turn to dust before you can say “next”.

The truth is that scheduling design projects is not like serving customers in line at the grocery store. Designers can’t simply take care of one client at a time exclusively. Instead, it’s more like an ice cream truck that is overwhelmed by hungry kids on a summer day. In other words: It can be complete chaos.Managing the Craziness of a Web Designer’s ScheduleContinue reading

6 Simple Tools & Tips to Help Speed Up WordPress

Websites running WordPress can slow down for any number of reasons. It could be anything from bloated code, a rogue plugin or poor hosting performance. Figuring out what’s slowing you down is hard enough. Harder still is that some methods for increasing speed (caching plugins, for instance) are full of cryptic settings.

It can all add up to something of a nightmare in diagnosing and fixing what would seem to be a simple problem.6 Simple Tools & Tips to Help Speed Up WordPressContinue reading