10 Code Snippets for Creating Masonry Grid Layouts

Tumblr and Pinterest popularized the masonry grid. It is a common layout style for variable sized images, and it’s a great way to get images to fit nicely into a grid structure.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a masonry grid layout without all that hard work then you’ve come to the right place.10 Code Snippets for Creating Masonry Grid LayoutsContinue reading

8 WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer Support

Whether you’re a web designer serving various clients or a developer who offers products, utilizing your website for customer support makes a lot of sense. It provides users with a way to both help themselves and receive help directly from you. Plus, it can serve as a means to organize support requests in a neat and tidy manner.

If your website runs on WordPress, then you have a wide selection of support-related plugins to choose from. They run the gamut from building a simple FAQ or knowledgebase, all the way to full-blown ticketing systems. This gives you the opportunity to build a support area that fits virtually any type of business.8 WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer SupportContinue reading

ipstack Helps You Know and Serve Users in Real-Time Sponsored

Want to know the secret behind building a successful website? It’s all about the end user. Provide them with something that’s both powerful and easy-to-use and the result is something they’ll come back to again and again.

A key element in all of this is learning more about your users. Because, the more information you have, the more you can tailor the experience to match their specific needs.ipstack Helps You Know and Serve Users in Real-Time SponsoredContinue reading

Free Line & Flat Business Icon Set (50 Icons, PNG & SVG)

If you’re looking for modern UI style icons for your next web, mobile or print project, then you’re in luck, today we have another fantastic freebie for you! Created by our friends Freepik, we have a collection of icons that feature all of the essentials you’ll ever need when creating a business or corporate site.

There are 50 handcrafted icons included in the download package, come in three different styles (line, colored line, and flat), and are available in both PNG and SVG formats, so can be infinitely scaled without losing any image quality. Perfect for your responsive web designs. You can also freely use them in both your personal and commercial projects!Free Line & Flat Business Icon Set (50 Icons, PNG & SVG)Continue reading

POFO is the WordPress Theme for Building Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Websites Sponsored

Web professionals are always looking for that extra edge. We want tools that help us get things done faster – but without sacrificing quality. In other words, we want to build websites that look and function perfectly while spending as little time as possible building them. It’s a very high standard.

A great WordPress theme is one of those assets that can make a designer’s life so much easier. Ideally, we want a theme that is flexible and can be used to build a variety of different sites. It also needs to look pixel-perfect on any screen. Most of all, it should be built with the leanest code possible to ensure top performance.POFO is the WordPress Theme for Building Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Websites SponsoredContinue reading

WordPress Tips & Plugins for Those “Oh $#!%” Moments

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. We work hard to build a website that is nearly flawless (in our eyes, anyway) and then a client comes along with a “suggestion” that blows it all to bits. Then, there are those times when we ourselves make a boneheaded mistake that means we’re going to have to rip things up and try to piece it back together again.

Not so fast. When working with WordPress, there are indeed some built-in features, best practices and plugins available that can help us in these moments. Perhaps they can’t fix everything, but they can at least make the task easier to manage. Here are a few notable selections that you’ll want to check out the next time $#!% happens.WordPress Tips & Plugins for Those “Oh $#!%” MomentsContinue reading

10 Magnificent Code Examples of Morphing SVGs

The ability to morph one shape into another fascinates me. I can still remember the first time I saw it in action. It was Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video – way back in 1991. There, a diverse collection of people were constantly morphing into one another. It was all pretty amazing, especially considering the amount of processing power (or lack thereof) that was available at the time.

As it relates to web design, morphing gained some steam back in Flash’s heyday. The software’s tweening feature made simple morph effects fairly easy. And now, the tradition continues in the form of MorphSVGPlugin.10 Magnificent Code Examples of Morphing SVGsContinue reading

Designers, Use Uncode’s Visuals for Great Visitor Experiences in 2018 Sponsored

Today, there are over 1.8 million websites online, making it easy for consumers to hop from site to site. As a website developer, it’s easy to forego attention to visitor retention. In fact, it is hard to focus on building a creative, responsive website that’s “pretty” to look at.

The level of competition online is on the rise currently. With this, comes a higher demand for a good-looking website that also keeps the customer in mind. So much so that it’s commonly considered to be the key to success.Designers, Use Uncode’s Visuals for Great Visitor Experiences in 2018 SponsoredContinue reading

How to Change Your Web Design Business Strategy

If you’ve been a freelance web designer for a few years, it’s likely that things are quite different from when you started. For one, you have probably learned quite a bit more about your craft. Maybe you even have a deeper understanding of how to deal with different types of clients. It’s only natural that we evolve over time.

But even as we continue to improve in a multitude of areas, that change doesn’t always reflect in our business. Because we’re often designers first and businesspeople second, we don’t always consider what our own personal growth means for our business. Therefore, we keep plugging away in same manner we always have. This could be a costly mistake.How to Change Your Web Design Business StrategyContinue reading