Ways to Set Yourself Up for a WordPress Disaster

There’s a reason why so many people have turned to WordPress over the years. It’s flexible, relatively easy to use and boasts an amazing community of contributors. That means you can build a website with nearly endless potential in terms of look and functionality. On the downside, it also leaves a lot of opportunities for future problems.

The truth is that it’s incredibly easy to set yourself up for disaster – especially when you’re first starting out. Because WordPress essentially puts the world at your fingertips, there is great temptation to add mass quantities of plugins or even click that “Update” button without first thinking of the consequences. That, along with a host of other actions, can blow up in your face down the road.Ways to Set Yourself Up for a WordPress DisasterContinue reading

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins

The use of sliders may be ubiquitous, but how people use them is changing. While many still use the all-encompassing slider front-and-center on their home page, others are finding niche uses like dynamically showcasing products or blog content. When it comes to WordPress, there are plenty of plugins available to cater to these different uses.

However, there are some shared features that any good slider should include. The biggest ones are ensuring that sliders are responsive and work well on mobile devices. You’ll also want to use a plugin that lets you customize the order and size of each slide. Beyond that, there are a ton of extra bells and whistles to be had.Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Slider PluginsContinue reading

Must-Have Sublime Text Extensions For Web Developers

The world of IDE software is massive with programs for every operating system. My personal favorite is Sublime Text, and I use it for all my coding projects.

Aside from Sublime’s many optional themes, keyboard shortcuts and lightning-fast workflow, it also has a vast community of developers that create extensions that make the software even better and easier to use.Must-Have Sublime Text Extensions For Web DevelopersContinue reading

The 10 Best Cyber Monday Deals for Designers – Which Is Your Favorite? Sponsored

Cyber Monday is with us once again. And once again, this is an excellent time for web designers to get great deals on products and services.

You might have been waiting for this time of the year! It is just the right time to spend some significant savings on great web products and services. So, don’t miss your chance.The 10 Best Cyber Monday Deals for Designers – Which Is Your Favorite? SponsoredContinue reading

Useful Tools That Help Professionals Beat Deadlines Sponsored

Knowledgeable professionals constantly beat deadlines and have happy customers that are recommending them. The most effective way to do that is to have high-performance tools that are increasing your productivity and help you deliver quality.

Great tools can be worth its weight in gold to its users. For example, iGenApps, a tool we have reviewed below, can help you create phone apps without needing any coding skills or spending lots of money. Imagine this idea. Your customers to be in direct contact with you via a phone app. Your imagination is the limit.Useful Tools That Help Professionals Beat Deadlines SponsoredContinue reading

The Web Design Trends of 2017

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to take a look at some of the most significant web design trends of 2017. In this article, you’ll find a list of the most significant website design trends of 2017 that will define how websites will be designed in 2018.

1. Dramatic Typography

Today typography is used for more than just content readability – it is often used to add a sense of drama.The Web Design Trends of 2017Continue reading

Heavily Involved or Completely Absent: Who Would You Rather Design For?

One thing you learn fairly quickly as a freelance designer is that no two clients are alike. You have to learn to deal with different personalities and expectations. It’s almost as if you’ve been bestowed with the hidden title of “therapist” to go along with everything else you do.

Perhaps the most difficult and frustrating aspects are managing different levels of client involvement in the design process. Sure, you can carefully explain the process and what’s expected of them until you’re blue in the face. In the end, they’re still going to do it their way.Heavily Involved or Completely Absent: Who Would You Rather Design For?Continue reading