Building a Design System for a Cross-platform Product

The main purpose of building a design system is a high-quality and timely-released product, where any changes take as little time as possible. Design should promote business interests and be flexible enough to allow drastic changes. However, there are several problems that can reduce the efficiency of work on the product.

Designers are usually not technical specialists, meaning that their approach to process building tends to be more artistic. This results in poorly-structured projects, random layers naming, and other inconveniences. In such a project a person who opens it for the first time will quickly get lost (a situation that often occurs when working in a team).Building a Design System for a Cross-platform ProductContinue reading

10 Advanced Image Hover Effects Snippets

Hover effects have long been one of the easiest ways to add an element of interactivity to a website. Most commonly, we see them used to highlight text links or buttons. But their use can range far beyond the basics.

One area where hover effects can be especially powerful is when they’re applied to images. Whether it’s as part of a small card layout or a massive hero image, the right effect can make a huge impact.10 Advanced Image Hover Effects SnippetsContinue reading

8 WordPress Plugins for Translating Your WordPress Website

In theory, the web knows no borders. This means that, inevitably, some visitors will speak a language that is different from your website. Depending on the demand, it may make sense to provide your content in multiple languages. You may even think of having a multilingual site as an extension of accessibility.

There are several options for making your site available in multiple languages. For example, there are some WordPress plugins that will automatically translate content for you. If you prefer to do the job manually, other plugins will make that task easier as well.8 WordPress Plugins for Translating Your WordPress WebsiteContinue reading

What Does It Cost to Run a Freelance Web Design Business?

Every entity has its own “cost of doing business”. Often times, the particular industry you’re in helps determine at least some of what you’ll have to spend to both get up-and-running and stay afloat over time. Freelance web design is an area, however, that can provide a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to cost.

Depending upon where you live and what kinds of services you plan to offer, startup costs can be practically zero. Conversely, it could run into thousands of dollars. Being a solo entrepreneur who works on a small scale, you have a level of cost control that most traditional industries can only dream of.What Does It Cost to Run a Freelance Web Design Business?Continue reading

MasterStudy – Revolutionary LMS WordPress Theme on Vue.js Sponsored

Online education is bigger than ever, with more people opting for the convenience it brings. Students can learn from anywhere and at their own pace.

For educators, they have the opportunity to reach a global audience. Capitalizing on that potential used to be easier said than done, however. Building fully-inclusive online courses had previously been a massive undertaking.MasterStudy – Revolutionary LMS WordPress Theme on Vue.js SponsoredContinue reading

10 Beautiful Examples of Particle Animation in Web Design

Taking the Web by storm, particle animations managed to carve out quite a niche for themselves several years ago. The massive current obsession with designs that have a high-tech vibe and geometric decor makes them one of the more sought-after solutions today.

As a rule, particle animation can be seen in hero sections like, for example, in JetUp Digital.10 Beautiful Examples of Particle Animation in Web DesignContinue reading

5 Sources of Free High-Definition Stock Video

Stock footage: You can use it in your projects, video backgrounds, or even in the header to welcome people to your website – among other uses. The problem? Video production isn’t cheap and buying stock film can take a big chunk out of your wallet. If you run a small website, that’s unacceptable.

Thankfully, there are many sources online where you can download stock videos for free – a lifesaver if you have a tight budget or only need a quick clip. We’ve compiled a few websites that offer free videos for your next web design project. These may not always have the polished, cinematic feel you can get if you purchase professional footage, but there’s plenty of high-quality for you, and even some 4K footage files here as well.5 Sources of Free High-Definition Stock VideoContinue reading

Defining a Successful Web Project

Have you ever been asked a question that you weren’t quite prepared for? During a recent meeting with a prospective client, I had one that really caught me off-guard. The question was: What was your most successful project?

On the surface, it sounded simple enough. But I had much more trouble providing an answer than I imagined. Success is one of those areas that can have different definitions and, frankly, I didn’t have a clear picture of it in my head. In my state of confusion, I flubbed the answer.Defining a Successful Web ProjectContinue reading

Building a WordPress Website with Gutenberg: Initial Observations

If you’ve been following all the fuss regarding Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, you know that many users have formed a very strong opinion of it. But, all the drama aside, what’s it like to actually build a website with it?

As WordPress 5.0 creeps ever closer, I decided it was time to finally see what Gutenberg is capable of. While I had done a good bit of testing (perhaps better described as playing around), I hadn’t yet included the plugin version of the editor into my standard workflow.Building a WordPress Website with Gutenberg: Initial ObservationsContinue reading

14 Free Display Fonts with a Creative Flair

Despite many exciting trends such as Three.js, split layouts, micro-interactions and gradients, typography always has a special place in our hearts and interfaces. It is not a tool that you can leave behind when building a website. Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words, but without a tiny chunk of text that quickly hints at what’s going on, you’re left with just a picture. Like it or not, typography is irreplaceable.

Designers deal with text almost every day. Whether it is used for a catchy slogan or a block headline, type should be carefully selected and finely-tuned. And when it is something that you are using on a daily basis, inevitably you should become more creative with its implementation.14 Free Display Fonts with a Creative FlairContinue reading