How to Use Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Visual hierarchy is vital to good website design. It’s one of the key principles that will make your website effective in accomplishing your goals for it.

There’s a lot of theory behind visual hierarchy. It’s so important that a lot of study and effort has been put into understanding how and why it works. Understanding it can help you use it.How to Use Visual Hierarchy in Web DesignContinue reading

10 Free CSS Tooltip Snippets To Save Time On Your Web Projects

Adding a simple tooltip into your page isn’t hard. You can find a bunch of free tooltip plugins and JS scripts that can help with this.

But pure CSS is another option, and it’s quickly becoming the preferred choice for many web designers. If you’re looking for CSS tooltips, then this collection should have something for you.10 Free CSS Tooltip Snippets To Save Time On Your Web ProjectsContinue reading

Why You Need to Prioritize PageSpeed in Discussions with Clients

For the past few years, small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the world have been told that making their websites mobile-friendly, and embracing a mobile-first world, were essential for business success. And that was good advice.

However, now that many SMBs have accepted these truths and made their sites responsive in design, what is the next big challenge the web design industry will face in building websites for this audience?Why You Need to Prioritize PageSpeed in Discussions with ClientsContinue reading

50 Free Christmas Templates & Resources for Designers

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and we know that all you designers will be starting to plan the design of your personalized Christmas cards, invitations, wallpapers and everything else in between that is Christmas or holiday season related.

So, just to help you out we have a fantastic collection of FREE Christmas related resources we know you will love and will hopefully help get you into the festive spirit.50 Free Christmas Templates & Resources for DesignersContinue reading

The Consequences of a Hacked WordPress Website

If you are anything like me, you might have found yourself ardently watching the news recently and in particular, the Paradise Papers. It reminds me of a brilliant story about a recent similar leak, the Panama Papers. When the Panama Papers were released a theory was floated that raised the hairs of web developers throughout the internet. You see the company at the center or the controversy, Mossack Fonseca, had a WordPress website. And on that WordPress website, they were running an old, vulnerable version of the well-known plugin Revolution Slider.

This is what is thought to have happened: an external script or ‘bot’ found that the version of Revolution Slider on the Mossack Fonseca website was vulnerable to uploading any file type. The hackers exploited this to upload a shell to the server, giving them full route access. At this point, Mossack Fonseca would nonetheless have been relatively unscathed, except they also kept their Exchange 2010 (mail server) within the same network system, giving the hackers access to all e-mail communication in and out of the company.The Consequences of a Hacked WordPress WebsiteContinue reading

10 Snippets for Creating Split Screen Layouts

Split screen UIs have become a popular way to showcase content. We often think of them as being utilized in areas where we want users to choose between two options. But we’re also seeing other creative uses of the technique. For example, a split screen can also be used to great effect as a full page layout or even as a transitional animation.

Here are 10 examples of split screen UIs, complete with source code that you can edit to fit your needs. Each has something unique to offer.10 Snippets for Creating Split Screen LayoutsContinue reading

When Slower is Better for UX

Designers have heard for years that faster is better. Almost every post on web speed reminds readers that 47% of users expect web pages to load in two seconds or less, and each additional fraction of a second leads to higher abandon rates.

The fear is that slow loading might make users think a brand is untrustworthy or outdated. It seems like if every interaction isn’t designed to be blazing fast, it might as well not be designed at all. However, that isn’t always true. Learn the situations in which slower UX actually improves user engagement and builds trust.When Slower is Better for UXContinue reading

Top Cheatsheets and Reference Guides for JavaScript

JavaScript is at the forefront of powering UI across the web. It provides us with a means to create interactive features that range from slick animation all the way to manipulating data. Users may not think about it all that much – but that’s the point. Developers use JavaScript to simplify otherwise complex things. The power lies within its transparency to the end user.

Where web professionals are concerned, JavaScript is also quite vast. There are so many popular libraries that enable rapid development, along with good old plain JS.Top Cheatsheets and Reference Guides for JavaScriptContinue reading

The Top Destinations for Free Stock Photos

High-quality photography is a key element for virtually every website. Anything from a small brochure site all the way to a content-heavy news site can benefit from the right images. They help to convey a message and guide users towards content that interests them. Of course, not everyone has the budget to hire a photographer or even purchase stock photos.

Luckily, there are a number of photographers out there who are willing share their creative works for free. In many cases, the photos are high-resolution, and the overall composition is on par with commercial stock photos.The Top Destinations for Free Stock PhotosContinue reading