7 Plugins for Adding Structured Data to Your WordPress Website

Structured data (sometimes called “Schema” or “microdata”) has emerged as an important part of SEO strategy. Search engines are making use of this information to enhance listings and provide users with more immediate answers.

Even if you’re not 100% sure what structured data is, you’ve undoubtedly run across it in Google. For instance, a search for “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” brings up a wealth of information. I can see where the movie is playing, its listing at IMDB and aggregate reviews. Much of this comes from structured data that is being pulled from multiple websites.7 Plugins for Adding Structured Data to Your WordPress WebsiteContinue reading

Tiny Details: A Look at Hamburger Menu Reveal Transitions

The hamburger menu is nothing new. You may say: “Oh, not this again!” And you may be right in some ways. We have discussed this topic before, exploring various issues such as The Hamburger & Mega-Menu Combination Design Trend or Analyzing the Hamburger Menu. So, it may look like we have said it all, or have we?

What else can be said about one of the most discussed topics in web design? Speculating about hamburger menu is like reading Harry Potter books. It feels like you know everything about The Boy Who Lived and his adventures with friends due to all the fuss and movies. But when you actually bury your nose in the books, you suddenly start to read through the lines and notice tiny details. And it feels like you have overlooked something: Something that is important.Tiny Details: A Look at Hamburger Menu Reveal TransitionsContinue reading

The Free Christmas Pictogram Collection (50 Icons, EPS & AI)

The countdown to Christmas has begun and to help kickstart the celebrations we’re giving away this festive Christmas Pictogram Collection courtesy of our friends over at Freepik.

This beautifully designed free Christmas Pictogram Collection contains 50 fully editable icons (in both AI and EPS formats) and also come in three styles: Colored, Lined & Colored Lined. If you’re looking to create something unique this Christmas, then these free icons are for you! Of course, you’re free to use this icon set in both your commercial and personal projects.The Free Christmas Pictogram Collection (50 Icons, EPS & AI)Continue reading

How Many Issues Are Acceptable for Gutenberg’s Release?

We are finally (barring any last-minute delays) approaching the time when WordPress 5.0 is released. With it comes a certain new editor that has drummed up quite a lot of debate along the way. Unless you’ve been hiding under that proverbial rock for the past two years, you know that Gutenberg is going to transform WordPress the minute it’s merged into core.

Of course, this process would go off-script without some last-minute drama. There have been a number of calls from some in the community (including yours truly) to further delay Gutenberg in order to squash some bugs.How Many Issues Are Acceptable for Gutenberg’s Release?Continue reading

How to Create an Amazing Email Signature

Hearing the words “please create this email signature for me” is enough to make most web designers shake with fear and profusely sweat beads, whilst thinking “Oh no, not this again…”. Understandably so.

Whilst HTML and CSS have progressively changed over the years, web browsers have adapted to these changes. However, email clients haven’t changed much at all in terms of the way they render HTML – and this is what makes email signatures frustrating.How to Create an Amazing Email SignatureContinue reading

Don’t Miss Out On These Cyber Monday Deals For Designers Sponsored

Clicking a mouse or tapping a screen beats waiting in line any day, and that’s what Cyber Monday is all about. This is the time of year when you can get great deals from the comfort of your home. You can do so from a local coffee shop, or anywhere you can get Internet access.

This is an especially good time for web designers and developers. They can find just the tool or service they’ve been looking for and get it at a discount.Don’t Miss Out On These Cyber Monday Deals For Designers SponsoredContinue reading

Tips for Becoming a Healthier Freelancer

For a freelance web designer (especially those of us who work from home), healthy habits can easily be placed on the back burner. When there’s so much work to be done, who has time to even think about exercise?

We tend to keep our noses to the grindstone, knocking out project after project. Part of it is the passion we have for our work, with perhaps a little pressure added in. But none of us can escape time. Sooner or later, bad habits will catch up.Tips for Becoming a Healthier FreelancerContinue reading

Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual World

Board games are a favorite pastime for all ages. When you think about it, they were the original portable gaming systems. Take one over to a friend’s house or get the family together for a game night. You can play anywhere, anytime.

And their impact may be greater than you’d think. They’ve played a role in helping us develop decision-making skills and learning to follow the rules. So many basic life lessons, all wrapped up in something fun.Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual WorldContinue reading