Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual World

Board games are a favorite pastime for all ages. When you think about it, they were the original portable gaming systems. Take one over to a friend’s house or get the family together for a game night. You can play anywhere, anytime.

And their impact may be greater than you’d think. They’ve played a role in helping us develop decision-making skills and learning to follow the rules. So many basic life lessons, all wrapped up in something fun.Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual WorldContinue reading

How to Create Compelling Content for Your Portfolio Site

We web designers are often great at helping our clients develop a winning content strategy. But our own websites? That can be a different story.

Quite often, we’re so focused on helping others that our own sites suffer. That can have a negative impact on your business. Without compelling content of your own, it can be difficult to win over new clientele.How to Create Compelling Content for Your Portfolio SiteContinue reading

Best 10 HTML Templates You Can Use For Any Purpose

Black Friday is coming and we are happy to announce the biggest sale of year: 50% OFF at TemplateMonster Marketplace. The Deal will be live during Nov, 19th – Nov, 29th, 2018.

In this post, we are going to cover the best 10 HTML templates which are considered to be the most convenient in use among other types of themes. They all can be easily customized using HTML editors including Notepad. HTML templates are suitable for both personal and corporate purposes offering a wide range of web elements, UI components and blocks, premium plugins, and custom widgets. Most of the themes contain a bulk of ready-made pages, so you have an opportunity to opt for the ones that suit your needs.Best 10 HTML Templates You Can Use For Any PurposeContinue reading

10 Beautiful Nature Inspired Code Snippets

Nature has been a source of design inspiration since the beginning of time. Its beauty touches everything from the clothes we wear to the gadgets we use.

So, it’s not a big stretch to say that nature plays the role of muse in web design. Colors and patterns can reflect those of a stunning plant or animal species. Sometimes the likeness is subtle, while other homages can be very recognizable.10 Beautiful Nature Inspired Code SnippetsContinue reading

Should You Sell Web Hosting Services to Your Clients?

Web design is an industry that is loaded with opportunities for upsells and extra revenue. Odds are that your clients will benefit from services that go beyond basic design and development. However, just because you can offer extras doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

One such area is web hosting. While there is the potential to make some (fairly) easy cash, there are some serious considerations. To do things right, it takes a long-term commitment. Plus, it adds an extra layer responsibility to your workflow.Should You Sell Web Hosting Services to Your Clients?Continue reading

10 Useful JavaScript & CSS Tools to Enhance Your Forms

Forms are an essential part of just about every website – yet, we don’t always pay too much attention to their finer details. There are a number of things that can be done to improve them, such as adding validation, input masks and other visual guides. And that’s only scratching the surface. The end goal is to make them both attractive and as easy to use as possible.

Here are 10 free tools you can use to make your forms the best they can be:10 Useful JavaScript & CSS Tools to Enhance Your FormsContinue reading

Does A Designer’s Opinion Mean More Than The User’s?

Okay. I’m going to come out and say it. Designers are often way too territorial about their designs. It’s only natural, of course. You spend years and years developing your design skills, you create the ideal process for your ideal user to follow so that (you’re certain) they will get the best experience possible.

But here’s the thing: users may not stick to your original vision of how your design “should” be used. The truth is, they don’t have to, and, if your views on their user experience are off the mark, they shouldn’t.Does A Designer’s Opinion Mean More Than The User’s?Continue reading

20 Inspirational & Creative Business Cards for Designers

The timeless business card is one of the most important marketing and networking tools a creative professional can possess. It not only delivers your personal brand to future clients, but it is also the first window of opportunity to showcase your skills as a designer.

How do you, as a designer, create a business card that successfully reflects your personality, your design speciality and professionalism? Well, the twenty designers below have all managed to do it. Without breaking the age old rules of business card design, they have all created memorable, creative and professional business cards that will leave their potential clients with no doubt that they will get the job done.20 Inspirational & Creative Business Cards for DesignersContinue reading

Access Denied: 403 Page Code Snippets

Web designers have gotten used to turning errors into opportunities. It’s no secret that the common, most widely occurring (and surprisingly recognizable) HTTP status code 404, aka “Not Found,” was forced by developers to bring benefits to the project. In the past it scared away users, destroyed the overall impression and was a nightmare for developers. Everyone wanted it to disappear once and for all.

Today, it is an essential detail of a website. WordPress even has a specifically assigned template for it. The “404 page” is an integral element of user experience. In the majority of cases, it has not only a beautiful design but also a theme that is aimed to contribute to the entire aesthetic of a website.Access Denied: 403 Page Code SnippetsContinue reading