The 5 Major Motion Graphic Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Motion graphics oftentimes present a chance to step out of the ordinary and let your imagination go wild. In the context of graphic design, they are oftentimes used to strengthen the idea in a way no picture can.

Motion graphics trends, on the other hand, tend to be dictated by the latest innovations in the field of technology as well as pop culture movements.The 5 Major Motion Graphic Trends to Look Out For in 2019Continue reading

What Happened to Visual Composer: The New Product & The New Name Sponsored

Visual Composer has been around for quite some time, but you might have noticed that you do not see the new name around anymore. So what happened to the Visual Composer Page Builder?

There have been some significant changes lately that have left many of our users quite confused – and rightfully so.What Happened to Visual Composer: The New Product & The New Name SponsoredContinue reading

Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate in 2019

With a host of marketing channels available today, it’s easy for your website to take a backseat to all the trending platforms like Facebook marketing and paid stories. But your website is still where the conversions that matter happen, which means you need to pay close attention to the strategies you implement on it.

Here are the best ways to go about improving your site’s conversion rates in 2019.Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate in 2019Continue reading

Controlling WordPress Through the Command Line with WP-CLI

Even in a standard install, WordPress is a highly-visual platform. That not only makes for easy content creation, but site maintenance as well. Within a few clicks, you can install a plugin, run software updates and tweak any number of settings.

However, there are situations where that visual interface can get in the way. For example, running large imports or other memory-intensive tasks can cause problems on slower servers. Plus, you don’t always get the fine grain level of control that might be necessary.Controlling WordPress Through the Command Line with WP-CLIContinue reading

Incredible Code Snippets Inspired by Music

The soul of a developer is painted like the wings of butterfly. It is always full of bright ideas, brilliant findings, unique solutions, marvelous tricks and pioneering experiments.

Not only do programmers solve mundane problems like creating websites or mobile applications, but they also like to relax and enjoy the enormous potential of coding. Much like artists, they love letting their imagination run wild. They improvise, thereby coming up with some extravagant concepts.Incredible Code Snippets Inspired by MusicContinue reading

The Case for Slowing Down the Design Process

It seems like rushing around in an effort to finish off projects is part of being a freelance designer. Clients have demands and it’s our job to meet them. And, the faster we get done, the faster we (hopefully) get paid for our efforts.

However, this approach isn’t necessarily the best one for either your health or the overall quality of the project. This is what I like to call the “race to nowhere”.The Case for Slowing Down the Design ProcessContinue reading

15 WordPress Themes to Try in 2019 Sponsored

Is your goal to create one or more websites that are at a minimum above average? Or, better yet award winners? Then, a good place to start is with the most popular CMS on the market today – WordPress.

The next step will be to select a WordPress theme to help you get the job done. That’s not an easy task given there are hundreds if not thousands of themes out there. Some will get you where you want to go, while others can be a complete waste of time.15 WordPress Themes to Try in 2019 SponsoredContinue reading

Exploring the Elegance of Line Typography in Web Design

Typography is one of those things that we can talk about forever. Just remember our outstanding articles where we discussed The Rise of the Hand-Written Typography Trend on the Web, 40 Examples of Clever Typography in Logo Design or even 70 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Print Ads.

In essence, it is just a set of rules for things like cap height, letter spacing, shapes of strokes and some other details. But the way it looks, behaves and interacts with other elements makes us stare. It is like the kid who always sits at the cool table and someday will become a prom queen. We are just destined to admire and copy her style.Exploring the Elegance of Line Typography in Web DesignContinue reading